~ Habitat maps of Ikh Nart derived from Landsat satellite imagery ~


In 2007, researchers created detailed habitat maps of the northern half of the Ikh Nart Nature Reserve. The maps were created through a supervised classification of a Landsat 7ETM+ satellite image (composite of multiple bands) taken of the area in July 2002. Detailed maps of the seven major habitat types in the reserve are available on this site for non-commerial use provided users accept the terms and conditions below. Maps are available as ESRI GIS Shapefiles.

For more details on the methods used to create the maps, please see 'Habitat classification using Landsat 7ETM+ imagery of the Ikh Nart Nature Reserve and surrounding areas in Dornogobi and Dundgobi aimags, Mongolia' by Jackson, Murdoch, & Mandakh available by emailing info@ikhnart.com.


Habitat maps of northern Ikh Nart Nature Reserve are available free for download on this website (http://www.ikhnart.com). By downloading, users must agree that maps will 1) be used for research and conservation efforts directly related to the Ikh Nart Nature Reserve and surrounding areas in Dalanjargal and Airag soums, Mongolia; and 2) not be used for any commercial purpose – maps, for example, may not be sold, loaned, or used in any way for profit. Users also may not publish the maps in any format (i.e., in books, magazines, journals, reports, or the internet) without explicit consent from the authors. To contact the authors, email: info@ikhnart.com. All map files copyrighted 2007 - all rights reserved.

Each map is provided as a ‘shapefile’ – a proprietary file format of ESRI (http://www.esri.com) for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software. Files must be used legally in accordance with ESRI’s copyright, trademark, and terms of use. Maps were created through a supervised classification of a Landsat ETM+ satellite image obtained through the Global Land Cover Facility (http://glcf.umiacs.umd.edu/data/landsat/). Users must also abide by any legal obligations set forth by the Global Land Cover Facility and Landsat satellite program (http://landsat.gsfc.nasa.gov/) for use of images.

This website and map authors assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the maps (or the Ikh Nart boundary and core protected area files) or their use after download. For questions regarding the maps or this agreement, please email: info@ikhnart.com.

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