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Amgalanbaatar, S., R. Reading, B. Lhagvasuren, and N. Batsukh. 2002. Argali sheep (Ovis ammon) trophy hunting in Mongolia. Pirineos 157:129-150.

Abstract - Argali sheep Ovis ammon in Mongolia are highly sought by foreign hunters because of their impressive size and long, spiraling horns. To be sustainable, hunting programs must be well managed and have the support of local communities. Argali numbers in Mongolia seems to be declining rapidly due primarily to poaching and competition with domestic livestock, which have increased over the past decade. Laws, regulations and revenue disbursement associated with argali trophy hunting in Mongolia are described. Argali trophy hunting is lucrative and the number of argali licenses and hunting organizations has been increasing over the past decade. Controversy surrounds the program. This controversy has been manifested in growing local opposition and accusations of corruption by the media. To help address this controversy, we suggest a reform of argali trophy hunting management in Mongolia that will better conserve the argali, as well as enjoy enduring public support. A reformed trophy hunting program should be characterized by 1) openness and transparency, 2) external review and oversight, 3) a mix of top-down and bottom-up authority that enjoys local support and 4) active and adaptive argali conservation and management using funds generated by trophy hunters.



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