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Murdoch, J., B. Sodnompil, S. Buyandelger, D. Kenny, and R. P. Reading. 2006. Ecology of the Daurian hedgehog (Hemiechinus dauuricus) in Ikh Nart Nature Reserve, Mongolia: preliminary findings. Mongolian Journal of Biological Sciences 4:25-32.

Abstract - The Daurian hedgehog ranges across northern Mongolia, southern Siberia, and northern China. However, few details of the species’ behavior, ecology, or distribution are known. We conducted a pilot study of the ranging behavior and diet of Daurian hedgehogs in Ikh Nart Nature Reserve, Mongolia. We captured and radio-tagged eight hedgehogs (six males/two females) between June and September 2006. We tracked their movements until hibernation to estimate home range sizes and daytime nest characteristics. We also analyzed scats (N = 38) to gain a preliminary understanding of the food habits of the species. During the study, we collected 237 hedgehog locations, including 91 night, 141 day, and five hibernation sites. Hedgehogs were followed a mean of 53.43 ± 4.35 SE days from capture before entering hibernation. Mean home range size for seven hedgehogs was 422.72 ± 94.07 SE ha. Daytime nest sites had one, rarely two entrances, and usually occurred in rocky outcrops or at the base of shrubs. The most frequently occurring prey groups in scats included beetles (47%), cockroaches (28%), and grasshoppers (20%). Scats also included bird (3%), reptile (1%), and rodent (1%) remains. Daurian hedgehogs in Ikh Nart were generally larger in size, occupied larger home ranges, and ate similar foods compared to Daurian hedgehogs in other regions. The presence of Daurian hedgehogs in Ikh Nart also represents a range extension for the species.

Publisher - National University of Mongolia

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