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Reading, R., S. Amgalanbaatar, J. Murdoch, G. Wingard, and D. Kenny. 2007. Working to conserve Mongolia's natural heritage. In: Proceedings of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Annual Conference, September 17-20, Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia (T. Lewthwaite, ed.). AZA, Bethesda, Maryland.



Abstract - The Denver Zoological Foundation (DZF) has been working to help conserve Mongolia's wildlife and natural areas since the establishment of the Department of Conservation Biology in 1996. Work has included research and conservation activities on protected areas, birds, and mammals, with an emphasis on large ungulates. In 1998 we began working in Ikh Nart Nature Reserve located at the northeastern edge of the Gobi Desert (around 300 km southeast of the capital Ulaanbaatar) on an argali sheep (Ovis ammon) ecology and conservation project. In 2000 we established a permanent research camp. Since that time most of our work in Mongolia has focused on this part of the Gobi and expanded greatly. As of 2007, we study a wide variety of species in an effort to understand community ecology and improve wildlife conservation in the region. Our main projects focus on mountain ungulates, raptors, small carnivores and their prey, and hedgehogs. We also began a number of conservation, training, education, park management, and ecotourism initiatives. Most importantly, we have worked with and trained a large number of Mongolian collaborators and students from Mongolia and the U.S. Our objectives fall within two broad goals: conserve Mongolia’s rich natural heritage and train our Mongolian colleagues to conduct this work without our assistance. In this paper we review our primary research and conservation activities in Ikh Nart and refer to published literature or theses for those wishing more detail.

Publisher - Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)

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